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  Market "Offline" the Fun and
 Easy Way...by Simply Giving
 Out these Custom Imprinted
 Million Dollar Bills, which is
 Proven to Drive Interested
 People to
Call Your 
 Sizzle Message!


The International Association

of Millionaires -
Founded 1987

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Millionaire Marketing International


Present the World Famous & Popular


Custom Imprinted I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills 
that are the same size as real US Paper Money

Actual Size Shown - The Same Size as Real US Money


  ____________________________ a


Millionaire Business Cards
Generate Your Own Hot Prospect Leads,
Expand Your Warm Market Contacts

 and Have More Success Faster 

For You and Your Team!


Here is some GOOD NEWS for all
Atlas Partners


This is Tari Steward, Founder of the I.A.M. (in 1987) and President of Millionaire Marketing International since 1989.

Tari-small-head-shot.jpgINTRODUCTION:  I have been involved with MLM and Network Marketing for the past 36 years, as a successful Distributor, Team Leader, Recruiter, Marketing Systems & Recruiting Tools Developer (both Offline & Online), Marketing Consultant and a Field Trainer here in the USA.  I have also been an extremely successful professional in the fields of Fine Art, Commercial Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising and Direct Sales (both Offline & Online) for the past 40 years here in the USA and reaching over 50 countries around the world.  More Info www.TariSteward.com


The Original Authentic
Limited Edition Collectible
Million Dollar Bills

Back in 1987, I founded the I.A.M. and designed the "Original Authentic" I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills.  In 1988, we had the American Bank Note Company print the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills with 100% Currency Grade Standards
using Engraved Steel Printing Plates in a Limited Edition.  Each high quality Bill is Individually Serial Numbered and loaded with fascinating Anti-Counterfeiting Features, which make our I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills look and feel better than real US Money. 

From 1989 until 2002, my company Millionaire Marketing International sold the entire Limited Edition of 825,000 Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills in over 50 countries around the world as Limited Edition Collectibles and very Unique Novelty "Thanks A Million!" Gifts, starting at a retail price of $20 each.  These Bills now sell for $75 each on our Website, due to their Scarcity, Continuing Global Popularity and Ongoing Demand.


A Powerful & Extremely
Affordable Marketing Tool
"Millionaire Business Cards"


Based on strong customer demand, in 2002 I designed and began creating and marketing the now famous and very popular Millionaire Business Cards, which are a Proven, Effective and Affordable Marketing Tool that many thousands of Network Marketers and Direct Salespeople have experienced and enjoyed using over the last 9 years.

The Millionaire Business Cards utilize the same visually impressive high-quality artwork of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills, and they are  the same size as real US Money.  What makes them different and better for marketing is that they are Custom Imprinted with an effective, unique and personalized Marketing Message along with your  Website address, which transforms them into a Proven and Powerful Marketing Tool that costs you only pennies a piece.


This Website is now offering Atlas Partners everywhere these Exclusive Special Offers to purchase and start using the Millionaire Business Cards right away, as a Powerful Marketing Tool for you to easily generate your own affordable "Hot Propect Leads" plus New Customers & Affiliates so you and your team can Have Lots More Success Much FasterHere is how they can and will do this for you.

Millionaire Business Cards
are Proven to Effectively and
do the Following for You

  • Instantly Attract the Attention of people who want lots more money and much more Financial Freedom as soon as possible.
  • Build Strong Interest to read the Marketing Message that is custom imprinted on the back of the Bill.
  • Create Want & Desire for them to learn more information about your products and business opportunity... and then
  • Get Them Into Action by driving them to visit your Marketing Website as soon as they get Online, and/or use their phone and listen to your Recorded Sizzle Call.

The Millionaire Business Cards are extremely affordable, and the price is about the same as buying any of the high quality but "old school" normal boring little business cards that most everyone agrees are not very effective in marketing.  As we all know, most people will politely accept those regular "little" business cards from you, but they are usually hidden inside a drawer and/or thrown in the trash sooner or later.

Plus, many thousands of our customers have proven our marketing slogan that -

"People Never Forget Who

Gave Them Their First Million!"

The Millionaire Business Cards are a much better marketing tool and they have proven that people always like to receive them, they never throw them away, they usually put them on their computer screen or in their wallet and they continually enjoy showing their "Million Dollar Bill"  to lots of their friends, associates and people they know, who also see and read your Marketing Message.


Expand Your "Warm Market"

Ideal For Getting Lots of New Hot Prospect Leads and New Customers
Now for Your Atlas Partners Business

Because of all the above, the Millionaire Business Cards provide you with an Ideal, Fun and Simple way to easily promote your business and attract New dsHot Prospect Leads and Affiliates into your team.  You do this by simply "Spreading Your Millions Around" as you have fun freely giving them away to everyone you know and/or meet on a daily basis, because everybody absolutely loves to receive the IAM Million Dollar Bills. 

And best of all, it gives instant proof to these new people of an easy, fun and effective way for them to also be successful with their business, by also giving away their own Millionaire Business Cards, which creates the all important ingredient to your marketing and team building success, which is DUPLICATION.

Exclusive Special Offers
for Atlas Partners...

I have now arranged Exclusive Special Offers for Atlas Partners to buy the Millionaire Business Cards at a major savings.  You can buy them for only pennies each with these Special Offers, but only when they are ordered on  this Special Offer Website.  (See all the ordering details further down this page)

I encourage you to take advantage of these Special Offers, place your order for your Millionaire Business Cards now and start using them right away to promote and market your business.

Then, email all your team members with a link to this site at so you and your team can all
Have Lots More Success Much Faster with your

I wish you Great Success with your business.

For Your Success,

Tari Steward
President & Creative Director
Millionaire Marketing




Here is what Successful Network Marketers & Direct Salespeople

are saying about using the Millionaire Business Cards!



dan-andersen.jpg"As a professional Marketer for over two decades, there are few methods that are more cost effective than using the Millionaire Business Cards as a prospecting tool.  There are many imitations out there, but the only one I use is the original by Tari Steward.  His Million Dollar Bills are beautiful works of art, and because of that, they look like real money and just like money people never throw them in the trash!  Use them as a powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing weapons, I highly recommend them."
Dan Andersen - Million Dollar Earner - California


robert-roder.jpg"I have been using the Millionaire Business Cards in my Network Marketing businesses with great success since 2002, and so have large numbers of my team members.  Now, in 2012,  I am still having great fun giving out my Millionaire Business Cards to local business owners, friends and people I meet in my daily life, because they are a perfect fit with my business opportunity that is right now making me, my Sponsor and more and more members of my team Annual Millionaire earners within our global income opportunity."
Rob Roder - Million Dollar Earner - Florida

don-nooner.jpg"We've really enjoyed passing out lots of these Millionaire Business Cards, and we got a strong positive response from one person., so he came over and I gave him a presentation. He is so excited about our business and our product he joined immediately, and he has a real goal of becoming a six figure earner in the next 6 months, and he's just the kind of guy that can do it. I also wanted to let you know that hundreds of our team members also love using their Millionaire Business Cards, because they really work, and they are helping them to have more success faster.  It is so much fun to pass out my Millionaire Business Cards. Thank you  very much!"
Don Nooner - Million Dollar Earner - Utah


"If you're serious about building your Network Marketing business, do yourself a huge favor. Get your own Millionaire Business Cards and start handing them out to people you meet and leave a trail of them behind wherever you go. It's such a great feeling to inspire the Millionaire Mindset in someone else, and then give them the opportunity to create a better financial future."
Carlton Edwards - Washington


"The Millionaire Business Cards are awesome! When I hand them out,people react with amazement and enthusiasm! I've never seen a "business card" that makes a bigger money making statement and promotes such an incredible opportunity better than the Millionaire Business Cards. They create an immediate impression of wealth and success. No one can deny the excitement these cards generate. The visual impact motivates people!"
Jerry Buys - Oregon


"What I like the best about the Millionaire Business Cards is the WOW look I get from people when they see how real these Million Dollar Bills look. They think it is real money, and they get "speechless" until I tell them to turn it over.  Any Networker should be using the Millionaire Business Cards for the positive "shock value", and the "attention getting" power of these cards. In this world in which we have become immune to advertising, because we are surrounded by so much of it, these Millionaire Business Cards really "wake people up".     
Donna Splain - Pennsylvania


"The Millionaire Business Cards are a great way of starting a conversation with everyone I give them to, even total strangers. I really feel that this is a unique and effective method of promoting any Network Marketing business, because the more people you can expose to your business opportunity the better chance you have for success. I have only hande out 50 Millionaire Business Cards so far, and I have already got 12 responses."
Rich Ballard - Iowa


"Every Network Marketer who wants to be a success should be using the Millionaire Business Cards to build their business. I just recently started giving out my Millionaire Business Cards, and I have had 19 responses already. There is no better way to break the ice between you and a prospect, and they work like magic to sort out the "suspects" from the "prospects"."
Doug Mann - Kansas


"I had a really cool success with my Millionaire Business Cards.  The other night I was at a seminar on money, and we were asked to take out some money and look at it. I immediately whisked out some of my Millionaire Business Cards and handed them out to people around me. I got some really good instantaneous reactions. It definitely grabbed their attention. The next day, one lady I gave my Millionaire Business Card to went to my Website and signed up as a Distributor online, before I even talked with her. I called her and she really wants to do the business, and she has now ordered her own Millionaire Business Cards.  My conclusion, the Millionaire Business Cards do grab their attention and get them into action!"
Terry Tinkelenberg - Florida


"The Millionaire Business Cards are very eye-catching, and they really look authentic. For me as a Network Marketer, it's an easy way to start a conversation with someone and get them interested in what looks like a real bill. One cashier I gave a Millionaire Business Card to showed it to every person in the check-out line!  I just started giving them out, and of the 20 Millionaire Business Cards I gave to people, I have already had 16 responses so far."
Russ Smith - California

How Do You Place Your Order?
Just 3 Simple Steps...




Choose Your Marketing Message
Your First Step is to Choose Your Own
Marketing Message that You Want Custom
Imprinted on Your Millionaire Business Cards

Based on successful Marketing Messages used in the past, plus the current economic tough times in society, we have designed 8 powerful Marketing Messages for Atlas Partners who want to use their Millionaire Business Cards to generate lots of Hot Prospect Leads and New Customers and/or IBOs.  You can choose which Marketing Message you like for your order .

NOTE: Your Marketing Message and your unique Recorded Sizzle Call Number will be custom imprinted on the back of your Millionaire Business Cards.


The First 5 are Recommended by Dan Anderson

  Marketing Message #1:
Dan Andersen Recommended

The ONLY Wealth BOOM this DECADE!
100X the Profit of Real Estate!
$1 - 3K a Week  **25K a Month
this Year.
Call 800- ___ - _____  -  24/7 *2 Min.  Message


Marketing Message #2:
Dan Andersen Recommended

Don't Miss...
The ONLY Wealth BOOM this DECADE!

$1 - 3K a Week  **25K a Month
this Year.
Call 800- ___ - _____  -  24/7 *2 Min.  Message



Marketing Message #3:
Dan Andersen Recommended

100X the Profit of Real Estate!
Massive Profitable Vertical Market!

$1 - 3K a Week  **25K a Month this Year.
Call 800- ___ - _____  -  24/7 *2 Min.  Message


Marketing Message #4:
Dan Andersen Recommended

Massive Profitable Vertical Market!
$1 - 3K a Week  **25K a Month this Year.
Call 800- ___ - _____  -  24/7 *2 Min.  Message


Marketing Message #5:
Dan Andersen Recommended

The ONLY Wealth BOOM this DECADE!
Massive Profitable Vertical Market!

Must Desire 7 - Figure Income
800-___-____ - *24/7 *2 Min. Message


Marketing Message #6:

If You Love Your Job and it Earns You All
the Money You Want, then Don't Call
800-___-____ - *24/7 *2 Min. Message


Marketing Message #7:

If You are Not Earning Enough Money,
You Can Earn as Much as You Want Here.
Must Desire 7 - Figure Income
Call 800-___-____ - *24/7 *2 Min. Message


Marketing Message #8:

If You Can Give Away these Million Dollar Bills,
You Can Earn Big Money with this Home Business.

$1 - 3K a Week  **25K a Month this Year.
Call 800- ___ - _____  -  24/7 *2 Min.  Message


Custom Marketing Message:

You can create your own custom Marketing Message, and
we will print it on your Millionaire Business Cards.  Select
"Custom Message" on the drop down menu below, then you can
either enter the full custom message in the order form itself, or email
us the message you want along with your Website. We will get
your final approval of the layout before we print your "Cards".




Choose Your Special Offer
Your Second Step is to Choose Which Special Offer you
want for the Millionaire Business Cards.  Read the 3 Special
Offers and Payment Instructions below, then make your
choice and use the Order Form to place your order. 

 Limited Time


These Special Offers are only valid for orders that we
receive on this Webpage from
Atlas Partners



Buy 500 Millionaire Business Cards for only $100 (plus s&h)
You get an Extra 250 Cards for FREE!

You Get a Total of 750 Millionaire Business Cards
for only $100 (plus s&h) 
which is a super affordable low price of
only 13 cents each.



Buy 1,000 Millionaire Business Cards for only $150 (plus s&h)
You get an Extra 500 Cards for FREE!

You Get a Total of 1,500 Millionaire Business Cards
for only $150 (plus s&h) 
which is a super affordable low price of
only 10 cents each.



Buy 2,000 Millionaire Business Cards for only $250 (plus s&h)
You get an Extra 1,000 Cards for FREE!

You Get a Total of 3,000 Millionaire Business Cards
for only $250 (plus s&h) 
which is a super affordable low price of
only 8 cents each.



How Do You Pay For Your Order?
> Payment Instructions <

PAY WITH A MAJOR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD: You can pay for your order using a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover) or a Visa / MC debit card.  All payments are processed through our Secure Online PayPal Payment Webpage.  Note: you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card.

PAY WITH PAYPAL: You can also make your payment using a direct cash payment from your PayPal account, if you have one and if  you choose this payment method.  Note: We do not accept "e-checks" via PayPal or any other payment processor.

YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT: All our payments we receive are processed via our Secure PayPal Online Payment System.  Because of this, when you make your payment using a credit or debit card via our system, the email receipt you will get from our PayPal system says that your payment was made "using PayPal" (which means using our PayPal account).  But this does not mean you used your PayPal account to make the payment.




Place Your Order Now!
IMPORTANT: Make Sure and Choose the
Marketing Message you want in the
drop down menu below Before Clicking the
"Add To Cart" Button in the Order Form.

Order Now While These Special Offers Last!

500 Millionaire Business Cards + 250 Cards FREE
Total 750 Cards:  Special Offer Price = $100.00 + s&h
Choose A Marketing Message Here:

1,000 Millionaire Business Cards + 500 Cards FREE
Total 1,500 Cards:  Special Offer Price = $150.00 + s&h
Choose A Marketing Message Here:

2,000 Millionaire Business Cards + 1,000 Cards FREE
Total 3,000 Cards:  Special Offer Price = $250.00 + s&h
Choose A Marketing Message Here:

Without your Marketing Message choice and your unique 800# (to the Recorded Sizzle Call) or Marketing Website address, we cannot print your order.  After you choose your Marketing Message (see drop down menu above) then click on the "Add To Cart" button, which takes you to our shopping cart.  On the first page of the cart enter your 800# or Marketing Website address in the field that asks for it. 

CUSTOM MESSAGE:  If you choose "Custom Message", either enter your full custom message in the order form itself, or just complete your order and payment, and then email us your Custom Message.  We will layout the message and get your final approval via email before we print your Millionaire Business Cards.

ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAILS:  When your order is completed the system will send you two separate emails, one will be your email "receipt" from Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) confirming all the details of your order and the other will be from our PayPal Payment System stating that your payment has been made using our PayPal account and accepted.  If you do not receive these 2 emails, then your order payment did not go through.

OR - If you don't get both of these emails, check the "spam" or "junk mail"
folder in your email system you use.  If you still don't have these 2 order & payment confirmation emails, please contact MMI using the email link below.
us-postal-service-logo.jpg     fedex-logo.jpg 
Delivery & Shipping:  Upon receipt of  your order with all required info and payment, the normal time to have your Millionaire Business Cards order processed, printed, packaged and shipped is usually less than 5 business days (not including weekends and Holidays). 

Rush Orders: We gladly accept Rush Orders for an extra $10 fee plus we will ship via Federal Express Overnight Service for an extra shipping charge depending on where the order is going to. Contact our office to arrange and pay for your Rush Order, before we can ship it this way.

  • SHIPPING INSIDE USA:  All orders within the USA are shipped via US Postal Priority Mail service = $15 s&H charge.
  • SHIPPING TO CANADA: All orders shipped to Canada are shipped via US Global Priority Mail service = $30 s&h charge.

ORDER QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions or concerns about
how to place your order or about an order you have already placed,
please contact Millionaire Marketing International via email or phone, and
always include your Co-Op Order #, if you already have one.

Order Support Email:

Order Info Phone: 727-437-2148



Using the Millionaire Business Cards!

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