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    MMI Exclusive Affiliate Program

This is an Exclusive Affiliate Program for the USA & Global marketing of the Millionaire Business Cards. This FREE Affiliate Program is not open to the public, and it is only available by written invitation, and only from Tari Steward, the President & Creative Director of Millionaire Marketing International (MMI).

Only Major Team Leaders in Network Marketing and/or Direct Sales, with a large group of Team Members, are permitted to operate as an MMI Exclusive Affiliate, so they can let their Global Team Members know about this Proven & Powerful Marketing Tool that will help them to "Have Lots More Success Much Faster".

The Millionaire Business Cards
This Proven & Powerful Marketing Tool
Can Help All Your Global Team Members
Around the World Have More Success Faster

For all the Exciting Details Visit

The Millionaire Business Cards will work great in countries all around the world, based on the proven fact that the IAM Million Dollar Bill is internationally famous and extremely popular in over 50 countries already. Since 1989, MMI been doing massive global marketing and sold hundreds of thousands of the IAM Million Dollar Bills in all those countries, and after 24 years we continue selling them to many other countries..

Network Marketing continues to rapidly expand internationally, in every major country, and this proven Marketing Success Tool can and will help all of the Network Marketers and Direct Salespeople in your Global Team to Have Lots More Success Much Faster with their businesses, by simply having fun giving away these Millionaire Business Cards.

PLUS, with the Marketing Messages now able to be translated into the native languages of your Team Members countries, this powerful Marketing Success Tool can now be used anywhere in the world, wherever people like money and want to earn lots more of it.

Give Your Global Team Members the "First Move Advantage" in their Countries by being the first to use the Millionaire Business Cards there, and watch their success grow bigger and faster than they could ever imagine, just as it has for thousands of other Network Marketers & Direct Salespeople all across the USA, Canada and many other countries.


MMI Exclusive Affiliate "Referral Fee Reward" System
A "One Level" 10% Affiliate Fee Reward

  • When you refer your Team Members to our Website for the Millionaire Business Cards, via a Text Link or Banner Ad that is coded with your Affiliate ID Number (and we provide these for you at no charge), and your referral places an order for their Millionaire Business Cards, you earn a 10% Referral Fee (commission).
  • As the word spreads through your Global Team about the Millionaire Business Cards, the number of orders will keep increasing, and so will your Affiliate Referral Commissions.
  • This is a "One Level Only" Affiliate Referral Reward System, meaning you only earn the 10% commission on your personal referrals. But, if your referrals provide their Team Members with your coded links (text or banner), then you will earn the 10% commission on those orders also, as they are coming via your Affiliate Referral Links coded to you.
  • We pay your Affiliate Referral Commissions each week, via PayPal, and you can track your commissions in your password protected "Admin Area" Website.
  • Optional Choice: You may also choose to let any other "Major Team Leaders" in your own Team (if you have some) know about this Exclusive Affiliate Program, by having them contact me directly via email so I can invite them to join.. But then, anyone they refer via their own coded Affiliate links will not be your personal referrals and you will not earn the 10% commission on their orders of the Millionaire Business Cards..

If you are on this Website, you should have been invited to become an MMI Exclusive Affiliate via an email from Tari Steward.  But, if not, then email or call Tari Steward, introduce yourself and current position as a Major Team Leader, and ask to become an Exclusive Affiliate.


  1. Click on the link (#11 below) to the MMI Affiliate Sign-Up Website
  2. Fill out the form and Click the "Join Now" button.
  3. That will take you to another page that welcomes you to our Global Affiliate Team and shows you your login username and temporary password.
  4. You will also instantly receive an email from our Affiliate System, with your username and temporary password.
  5. Once you get your username and temporary password, via the Webpage or email, you can immediately login to your Affiliate Admin Area Website via that link in the Section with that heading below this list of steps.
  6. In your Admin Area site, you will be able to access your Affiliate "Text Link" and 6 different Affiliate "Banners" that are all coded with your Affiliate ID#, in order to track all your Referrals, plus you can check your statistics, as it will show daily "hits" (visitors to our Website via your coded links) and actual "Click Through Sales" and your commissions you are earning. 
  7. MMI will be notified also via email, when you have joined our Global Affiliate Team.
  8. At that time, we will send you an email with the Exclusive Affiliate Agreement attached as a Word Document. Plus, there will be an example of a proven effective Promo Email that you can send to all your Team Members.
  9. Read the Agreement, sign and date it, then scan and email it back to us, or fax it back to us at the email and fax info shown below.
  10. Then start sending your personalized Promo Email to your Global Team Members, include the Text Link and one of the Banner Ads in your email, plus place the Banner Ads you want to use on your Website, Blog or Newsletter, and if you use a Social Media site for your Team Members, make sure and post the Text Link and the Banner ad there also.
  11. Affiliate Sign-Up link is - https://ww12.aitsafe.com/mtracker/new.htm?userid=E0273215

Your Affiliate Admin Area Website

Each affiliate has their own admin area (Website) where you  can update you personal details, pick-up the coded "Text Link" and "Banner Ads" you will need to promote and share the Millionaire Business Cards Website, and where you can view your statistics.

You can login at:   https://ww12.aitsafe.com/mtracker/index.htm?userid=E0273215





If you have any questions, please call or email me.  You can call our phone, or if you are outside the USA you can call me via Skype, per the following contact info.

Affiliate Support Email:

Affiliate Support Phone: 727.437.2148

Our Skype Name for FREE Global Skype Calls: tari8008
(Skype phone calls only, no video calls)
(Send me a Skype contact request saying you have an Affiliate Question)


I definitely look forward to working with you and helping your Global Team Members to Have Lots More Success Much Faster, from using their Millionaire Business Cards.

Stay Positive & Succeed,

Tari Steward
President & Creative Director
Millionaire Marketing International


You Can Have Lots More Success Much Faster with
Your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business
when You Help Your Global Team Members
Get their Millionaire Business Cards!


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