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The entire purpose of the Millionaire Business Cards is to use a "generic" and "mystery" Marketing Message that simply attracts their"curiousity" and creates "want" and "desire" for the prospect to visit your Marketing Website, which it does accomplish very well.


But, in this day and age of Online Network Marketing in 2012,
it is foolish and costly to simply drive your prospects to your company Lead Capture Website that has your company name and logo, for two simple yet extremely powerful reasons, as follows:

  • It is proven that most of of these prospects will do a Google Search on your company name, before they fill out the Lead Capture form on your Website.
  • The Google search results will have either or both of the following negative and disastrous situations -
  1. One or more negative links about your company and opportunity on page one (which will cause the prospect to instantly lose interest in your business opportunity), or...
  2. Worse yet, the first page of Google search results will also have "pay per click" ads or links to articles/blogs/press releases and Lead Capture Websites owned by other Networkers with your company, and most of your prospects will click on those links and you will never see them again, as they will end up on the other person's marketing website and sign up in their team...not yours.


To prevent the above Major Mistake from happening, we encourge all Network Marketers who are using the Millionaire Business Cards, to also obtain and use our "Million Dollar Marketing System.

This is a "generic" or "mystery" Lead Capture Website
that does not state your company name or logo, but it does do the following powerful success actions for you:
  • It delivers an attractive and effective message that creates want and desire for the prospect to first learn all about the power of having a "Millionaire Mindset" (how you think positively about achieving your financial freedom goals) before they can ever succeed with any Network Marketing  business opportunity,
  • It gives them a FREE opportunity to watch a rare 7 minute video and learn the "Universal Secret of Success Attraction" from Napolean Hill, famous author of "Think and Grow Rich", by filling out an Info Request Form.
  • It also gives them a FREE opportunity to download their own personal copy of the e-Book digital version of that world famous book "Think and Grow Rich" for FREE, so they can start reading it immediately.
  • It provides the prospect with their chance to be introduced to your amazing home based business opportunity, and they can learn all about it, via your company Website, a LIve Intro Webinar or LIve Conference Call or even attend a local Live Intro Meeting in your area.
  • When they fill out the form, they become your "Hot Prospect Lead", and the system sends them directly to the Video page (page 2 of your Lead Capture Website), plus it instantly sends you an email with the lead's name, email, phone and state so you can follow up immediately and bring them to your Intro Webinar, Intro Website or other system you use.
  • The system also follows up automatically for you with a series of 3 "Auto-Responder" emails sent to the Hot Prospect Lead, personalized from you to them (by name), to get them to contact you and request a full introduction to your awesome business opportunity.


This is the domain name for the Lead Capture Website that is part of the Million Dollar Marketing System, and your custom "replicated" (uniquely copied) version of this Website will have the domain name www.GoMillionaireMind.com/GMM1 and it will be coded with your username - for example: GMM1, GMM8, GMM24, etc). The Info Request Form on your Website will also be coded to you only, so you will receive the Lead Notification Email about each lead, and they will receive your 3 personalized follow-up emails from you.

Click on the Website link above to visit the "Demonstration" version of the Lead Capture Website, complete the Info Request Form with your correct name and email address, click the "Submit" button and this will take you to the Second Page (to watch the Video and download the e-Book of Think And Grow Rich) and you will receive samples of the 3 auto-responder follow-up emails.  This will show you how effective this Lead Capture Website can be for your marketing.

You can also see images of the First and Second Pages of the Website by clicking on the following small images, which will open up a Webpage with the full size image of each page, so you can see how effective your Lead Capture Website will be.




Million Dollar Marketing System (MDMS)

is Your Solution for Success and you can
have your own personalized Replicated
"Generic Version" of this Website for a
one time Set-up Fee of only $99
plus a $14.95 monthly fee.


Personalized "Photo Version"

ADD YOUR PHOTO to your Lead Capture Website -  for an additional $50 to be added to your set up fee, we can also add a photo of you (with your name) to the first page of your Custom Website.  Simply select  "Photo Version", when you place your order using the Order Form further down this page.  This makes your total Set-up Fee $149, plus the $14.95 a month fee.

See a sample of how your Website will look by clicking on the following image -




How Do You Pay For Your Order?
> Payment Instructions

PAY WITH A MAJOR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD: You can pay for your order using a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover) or a Visa / MC debit card.  All payments are processed through our Secure Online PayPal Payment Webpage. 
you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card.

PAY WITH PAYPAL: You can also make your payment using a direct cash payment from your PayPal account, if you have one and if  you choose this payment method. 
Note: We do not accept "e-checks" via PayPal or any other payment processor.

YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT: All our payments we receive are processed via our Secure PayPal Online Payment System.  Because of this, when you make your payment using a credit or debit card via our system, the email receipt you will get from our PayPal system says that your payment was made "using PayPal" (which means using our PayPal account).  But this does not mean you used your PayPal account to make the payment.




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Million Dollar Marketing System (MDMS)
"Generic Version"
Custom Lead Capture Website & Marketing System
One Time Set-up Fee = $99.00

  + Monthly Fee of $14.95 (billed separately)

Million Dollar Marketing System (MDMS)
Personalized "Photo Version"

PLUS Custom Lead Capture Website & Marketing System
  One Time Set-up Fee = $149.00

  + Monthly Fee of $14.95 (billed separately)


ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAILS:  When your order is completed the system will send you two separate emails, one will be your email "receipt" from Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) confirming all the details of your order and the other will be from our PayPal Payment System stating that your payment has been made using our PayPal account and accepted.  If you do not receive these 2 emails, then your order payment did not go through.

NOTE: OR - If you don't get both of these emails, check the "spam" or "junk mail"
folder in your email system you use.  If you still don't have these 2 order & payment confirmation emails, please contact MMI using the email link below.

ORDER QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions or concerns about
how to place your order or about an order you have already placed,
please contact Millionaire Marketing International via email or phone, and
always include your Millionaire Business Cards Order #, if you have one.

Order Support Email:

Order Info Phone: 727-437-2148



You Can Have Lots More Success Much Faster
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with the
Million Dollar Marketing System!

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