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April thru July 2008

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Statistics & Success Testimonials


"The Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op is the best and most successful Advertising Co-Op and Online Marketing System we have ever had in Ad Cash Generator.  Because I want each and every ACG Member to have lots more success much faster, I encourage you to contact Millionaire Marketing International and subscribe to this powerful, proven, and easy to use system that is also very affordable. This system includes your own personalized ACG Marketing Lead Capture Website, which is a visually impressive and extremely effective way to introduce the "Ad Cash Generator" income opportunity to anyone, anywhere, and bring them into ACG as a Free Member."

Thomas A. Bowdoin - President & Founder of ACG - June 2008

Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op and
Online Marketing System (OMS)

Positive Results Statistics
 in the First Four Months
Since Launching on April 1, 2008
Last Updated July 31, 2008

  • Total Lead Capture Website Unique Visitors (these are not Website "hits") since April 1st  = over 1,400,000 
  • Total High Quality "Hot Prospect Leads" that have been generated  since April 1st = over 34,000.
  • Most of these 34,000 leads joind ACG as Free Members, then they networked to their contacts and brought them to ACG, and since April 1st, this has resulted in the ACG Membership Massive Rapid Growth.
  • Over 123,000 New ACG Members have joined in the first 4 months   since we started this Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op and Online   Marketing System for ACG = Excellent Explosive Results!

These 1,400,000+ Unique Visitors were driven to the ACG Marketing Website from the
Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op ad campaigns, utilizing an effective half page ad in 10 major airlines In-Flight Magazines along with the combined networking referrals, marketing, promotion and advertising actions and systems, both offline and online, that are being used by all the 1,800+ OMS subscribers and most of the 34,000 leads who joined ACG and referred their friends to join ACG.


In 2008,  Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) successfully helped the Network Marketing company ACG (Ad Cash Generator) to rapidly expand from approx. 2,000 active members in January 2008 to over 123,000 members by the end of July 2008. 

The following 10 points outline exactly how MMI achieved the explosive statistical positive results of the entire Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op that MMI created for ACG.

  1. MMI created massive advertising campaigns by designing a half page display ad and placing it in the In-flight magazines of 10 Major US Airlines (at MMI's Extreme Discounted Rates) reaching over 60 Million New Airline Passengers each month flying all around the world.
  2. The ACG half page display ads started running in these 10 Major Airline In-Flight Magazines beginning on April1, 2008 and continuing through July 31, 2008. This massive advertising has  generated over 1.4 million Unique Visitors to a powerful Lead Capture Website (the Online Marketing System - OMS) resulting in 34,000 Hot Prospect Leads (which is a very healthy 2.4% conversion rate). 

  3. Most all of these "Hot Prospect Leads" joined ACG as Free Members and by referral they helped to generate a rapid growth membership base of over 123,000 members by the end of July 2008, and this happened in only 4 months.

  4. After only 4 months of the MMI produced massive advertising campaign and Online Markting System operating, by the end of July 2008, ACG was experiencing massive rapid growth with over 1,000 New Members joining ACG each and every day.
  5. In January 2008 ACG was only earning a maximum of around $100,000 a month in revenues, but due to the MMM Co-Op by the end of July 2008 they were earning an astounding $50,000,000+ (50 Million Dollars plus) each month. 

  6. MMI designed the display ads and the Lead Capture Website, plus we designed and produced and created 2 powerful marketing videos that were used on the ACG Websites.

  7. CLICK HERE to see an image of the Very Effective half page display ad, that MMI designed  and produced for the ACG Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op.
  8. CLICK HERE to see an image of the Extremely Effective Lead Capture Website, that MMI designed and produced for the ACG Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op. (Note this image only shows the top half of the first page of the Website)
  9. MMI also designed and created the replicated Lead Capture Websites (OMS) and set it all up and made it all happen, plus we designed and set up the "new member sign up" Webpages on the corporate Website, and we helped design the Online systems to ensure that the new members actually upgraded and bought product after they joined.

  10. MMI also designed, created, operated and maintained the custom ACG  "Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op" with 400 to 500 participating ACG members each month,  that easily raised the huge pool of funds to purchase the airline magazines advertising costs and the running of the campaigns each month. 

  11. Once the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op was working extremely well, MMI also brought to ACG the connections and high quality services of other companies who provided Web based IT and software system solutions, banking and financial solutions (merchant accounts and debit card payment systems) along with legal solutions to help them handle the explosive growth we created.


From ACG Members Who are Participating
  in the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op

"The ACG Marketing Co-Op Website is Awesome!! It converts leads like crazy, meaning that once someone goes to it, they easily sign up in ACG!  My entire team is onboard and using this powerful Online Marketing System, and most of them came into ACG through this Massive Marketing Machine Website!  Thank You Tari and Millionaire Marketing International for creating this system!

B.A. - California

"Ever since I left the Tampa Convention last week there has been a different kind of positive energy inside my mind, and I wanted to apply that strong energy into marketing my ACG business online.  So, a few nights ago I used an online marketing company I found on the Internet, and I sent out my ACG Online Marketing System (OMS) Lead Capture Website.  I have never seen in my entire life the response I got in the last 60 hours.  A total of 733 "hits" to my OMS Website and a total of 464 "Visitors". And, out of these 464 Visitors, 72 Hot Prospect Leads filled out the "Info Request Form" on my OMS Website, which is a huge 15% conversion rate.  Wow!  Then, to make it even better, 49 of these Joined my ACG business, which is an amazing but true 68% Signup Rate.  I am so excited and happy, and there are still more leads coming in, and this is just the beginning. Thank you Tari and the OMS and the Tampa Convention. I am telling all my team members to use the OMS right away, because it works!"

B.A. -   Utah

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op and the Online Marketing System.  I had the extreme good fortune this week to get a fantastic lead from the system who has become a very excited member of ACG.  My new enrollee saw our ad on the airplane coming home to Texas after her trip to California.  She told that when she saw the ad, she thought "this must be for real...otherwise it would not be in an airline magazine".  She is an experienced online surfer and saw the power of ACG almost immediately because of the OMS.  So far, in just her first week, she has purchased $11,500 in ad packages.  For my effort, I received a 25% matching bonus and my 10% referral bonus...a total of $4025 in ad packages and referral bonuses.  We both are extremely happy with ACG, the OMS and especially the MMM Co-Op!!  Thanks again!"  

J.L. - New York


“I got a very interesting lead from the ACG Massive Marketing Machine Co-op.  This man is involved with Internet Advertising businesses and is very interested in generating traffic to his web sites.  I then spent almost every day the next week on the phone with him training him and answering his questions.  He bought a large ad package at the end of that!  Had it not been for your ad in the Airline Magazines and the Co-Op, I never would have met my new down line.  He has all the makings for becoming a very successful ACG member.”

J.C. - Maine

"I just today received another hot prospect lead from the ACG Airline Mags Co-Op, and this person signed up under me.  I called him up and had a great conversation, and he is planning to upgrade right away.  I know the Co-Op works, because my sponsor and a downline member also signed up new members from this same Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op.  Thanks for creating this excellent system."

L.S. - Virginia

"I have received another exciting hot prospect lead with the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op system, and he joined and just wanted to get his "feet wet" with a $1,000 purchase!  Wow!  He is a Sales Manager for a top supply company! Since then he has really been going to town and building a great business with ACG.  Needless to say, he is a high quality new member and my ongoing commissions from this one single Co-Op lead and his front line members will many times over more than cover the few hundred dollars investment in the Co-Op system!  I have had lots of experience in the lead business industry in the past, and "High Quality" always outperforms and is much more valuable then "Big Quantity" every time! Thanks again for helping me to increase my income!" 

D.M. - Maryland

"My Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op participation just started, and I have already received 2 hot prospect leads so far from the ACG MMM Co-Op. The second is going to be a real go getter. He has many years in online and network marketing and is very excited. One great strongly interested lead like this will make up for 20 regular old leads that other systems sell you.  I really like this Co-Op.  Keep up the good work!" 

H.M. - Texas

"I am very, very happy with the Ad Cash Generator MMM Co-Op, and my experience so far has been both profitable and rewarding.  I had one of my Co-Op hot prospect leads join for Free right away, then he bought thousands of dollars worth of packages, plus he has brought in 4 others who are doing just what he has done. So far, this one Co-Op lead has earned me over $4,000 in cash and another $15,000+ in matching bonuses for me.  Thank you very much for operating the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op and allowing all who desired to enter the program. Even though the quantity of leads so far have been very low (we just started the Co-Op), the quality is extremely high, which has resulted in amazing success for me along with this single Co-Op lead mentioned above.  I am very pleased and satisfied with the Co-Op, and I sincerely hope you keep doing it month after month." 

A.F. - Illinois

"My ACG MMM Co-Op Lead on April 13, 2008 joined my team and purchased a few thousand dollars worth of ad packages already. I am very pleased so far and look forward to many more of these Airline Magazine reader hot prospect leads. I love the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op program."

A.B. - Oregon

"The Ad Cash Generator Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op is awesome in every way!  I received two new hot prospect leads today, one from Florida and one from New York. They both enrolled on my Ad Cash Generator website, and they are both buying large ad packages and they are going to build big businesses with ACG. I just checked my email and I got another hot prospect lead from Massachusetts it's a little late to call now but you can bet I'll be dialing for dollars and building my downline leaders first thing in the morning!  Thanks A Million for the MMM Co-Op!" 

K.H. - Louisiana
"So far I’ve already received several really good hot prospect leads from the ACG MMM Co-Op with one man buying a few thousand dollars in ad packages, and then he signed up his son who bought the same amount of ad packages.  He has now signed up his other son, who will buy the same amount, and he says he has an investor they work with who is thinking of purchasing at least 5 times that amount in ad packages.  I also got another hot prospect lead from the ACG Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op just now, who told me he is going to purchase a large ad package tomorrow. Thanks for all you are doing, and keep up the professional high quality services."

D.B. – Tennessee

“I absolutely love the Airline Mags Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op, and I am very thankful for what you have put together for ACG members.  I had a good bunch of really hot prospect leads come out of the Co-Op so far, but one specific lead has taken my daily rebate earnings from many hundreds of dollars a day, to many thousands of dollars a week, because of the gigantic quantity of ad packages he has purchased. He saw the ACG airline mag ad, went to my Online Marketing System Website, loved everything he saw and immediately called me to learn more. I sent him to the live rally, and the rest is history.  I hope we keep the MMM Co-Op rolling, because I will be in it every month.” 

V.S. - Georgia

“In the middle of May, I saw the Ad Cash Generator advertisement in the airline magazine when I was on a trip. I went to the Website and was very interested in everything I read, but when I watched the video, I knew I wanted to be involved in this opportunity. I called the person whose name was on the Website, and he helped me to signup. I am now earning thousands of dollars per week from my ACG business, and it continues to grow.  I thank ACG and your MMM Co-Op for advertising in the airline magazine that I saw, and for helping me advertise in the same way as a participant in the Co-Op to build my business also.” 

J.D. - California




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