Tari Steward, Founder
presents the
Founded on 20 April 1987

The Official Description of the I.A.M.

"A Global Social SUCCESS Network as a Worldwide
Fellowship of People with a Positive Attitude who are
Motivated to Achieve Lots More Financial Freedom"

The Official Purpose of the I.A.M.

"To Help People All Around the World Change Their State
of Mind So They Can Start Having Lots More Money,
Enjoy More Financial Freedom and Also Live a Happier Life"

The Official Motto of the I.A.M.



Tari Steward is the Artist/Designer of The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, and on 20 April 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii, he had an incredible idea and created a historical moment when he made the decision to found the now famous and popular International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) with the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill being the Official Certificate Of Wealth for this unique global group. 

The purpose of the I.A.M. is to help people to achieve Financial Freedom, anywhere in the world, by first helping them to positively change their "State of Mind" so their thoughts and attitudes work for them and not against them and their goals and purposes in life.

Since the very beginning of the I.A.M. idea, and over the last 29 years Tari (as he is known and admired as a professional Artist) has invested an abundance of creative imagination into the I.A.M. concept, which has resulted in the design for a very large, exciting and powerful worldwide group. The I.A.M. Membership will be made up of people who have achieved Financial Freedom and everyone else who wants to.

The long awaited and soon to be launched I.A.M. Membership Program will be a "Social SUCCESS Network" that is a 100% Internet Based Operation with easy online access from around the world 24/7 via the Free IAM App that will work on any mobile phone anywhere.  To join the I.A.M. there are no qualifications or requirements, and you can apply for a FREE I.A.M. Membership on the New I.A.M. Website now being created.

The I.A.M. Membership Program is open to all people, men and women, of any age, color, race or religion from any country in the world, and everyone is invited and welcome to join the I.A.M.   Each I.A.M. Member will register Online for FREE Membership, and will be given a unique Member Identification Number and secure log-in access to the New I.A.M. "Members Only" Website. 

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The $1,000,000 Adventure
by Tari Stewardbook.jpg

To coincide with the Official Online Launch of this Global Social SUCCESS Network, the I.A.M. Membership Program, we will be selling digital copies of Tari Steward's long awaited book entitled The $1,000,000 Adventure, which is soon to be completed by Tari and scheduled for the print and digital publication by the I.A.M. in 2017 with the Upcoming Exciting "Global Crowdfunding Opportunity". 

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* Projected Official Online Launch Date *
On the 30th Anniversary of the I.A.M. - April 20, 2017

The long awaited I.A.M. Membership Program officially started on 20 April 2007, which also began the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the date the I.A.M. was founded by Tari Steward. Phase One of the Official Online Launch is now projected to begin on 20 April 2017, when the New I.A.M. Membership Program Website goes live around the world. At that point, anyone can join the I.A.M. as a FREE Member by visiting the New I.A.M. Website (when it is completed)  www.IAM-FREE.org and completing the IAM Free Membership Application and New Member Questionnaire.

There are now many hundreds of thousands of I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill owners in over 55 countries around the world, and they are all awaiting the beginning of this Phase One of the Official Online Launch of the I.A.M. Membership Program. And there are many tens of millions of other people who will rapidly join for FREE online upon hearing about the exciting and valuable daily "prizes" and huge positive benefits of the only Global "Social SUCCESS Network", the I.A.M. Membership Program.

The First 20,000 Global Members:  You could be one of the
First 20,000 Global I.A.M. Members to enroll for FREE, which means you will be part of the special exciting "First 20,000" within the Global I.A.M. Membership Program.   There will be some extremely valuable Special Benefits & Privileges available only for the "First 20,000 Global Members".


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